Rookie Blue 5x08 thoughts:

- Cute opening with Sam/Andy. I love how Andy is so dramatic and Sam doesn’t tell her she is overreacting or anything. He knows she needs to rant.

- Sam’s ‘mhm’. And calling her ‘dear’. The joking condescension is so cute.

- The way Missy delivered the ‘you get me through the night’ was so good. Just matter of fact.

- Sam’s expression made me melt. He is genuinely touched. And the little head movement.

- Crazy eyes before he kisses her. Haha.

- I like her jacket. I want it.

- Chris, umm Dave, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

- Cranky Oliver is no fun.

- Nice to see Gail and Andy working together. Magical girl guide sash. Great line.

- Andy is so appalled by the ridiculous call about the ‘hostile cat’. So funny.

- I like that they stick to Andy’s characterisation. The fact that she wants to play by the rules and do the right thing.

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3 notes  26 / 7

Another Wendy! Nick, you were meant to go and get Wendy #1 out of the interview room and run away with her into the sunset. Poor Wendy #1 is still waiting.

2 notes  25 / 7