Rookie Blue 5x09 thoughts:

+ I like the bodycam footage, especially Sam/Andy’s.

+ I think they’d all be more ‘ugh’ about seeing themselves on camera.

+ ‘I’d rather mop the floor with my tongue.’ Classic Gail.

+ Chloe, no one asked for your opinion. I also find it hilarious how none of the other random cops get given an assignment or have anything to contribute. They just sit there silent at the back. May as well be Chris’ lifesize standee.

+ ‘Pants off, camera off.’ Bahaha.

+ Lots of longer shots with people coming in and out of frame. Blue Heelers style.

+ Good point, Sam, about Andy second guessing herself anyway.

+ ‘That old chestnut.’ Sam, you are such an old man sometimes and I love it.

+ ‘Who eats dinner at 5?’ was classic. Also, I got to use that line the other day when out with my Mum and all these people were eating dinner in the restaurants we walked past. Mum pointed out how weirdly busy they were considering it was only 5 and then I got to quote Sammy. Anyways.

+ I like how Chloe dramatically raised the pen when Andy said pothole.

+ ‘A very fantastic day.’ Haha. Gail is so great.

+ ‘The failed pales’ was a good line, even though it came from Nick.

+ ‘Yeah my parents still hate you anyway.’ Another great Gail line.

+ I thought it was realistic to have people recording the incident on their phones, when the dude grabbed Andy’s hand.

+ Wish Sam had been there to be all protective.

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