These are some pages from a little book I made for Christi and Chloe. I gave it to them on Saturday at the morning meet and greet, just after I had my picture taken with them. I shyly handed it to Christi (don’t know why, I just did) and explained that it was a book I made for them both. Christi was jokingly like ‘no, it’s not for Chloe, it’s just for me!’

She opened the book and seemed genuinely touched, immediately saying ‘oh my god’ and putting her hand on her heart. As I went to walk away - conscious that people were waiting she photos - she just looked at me with an open mouth and her hand still on her heart. She shook her head slightly, almost as if she didn’t know what to say, mouth still open, and then whispered a genuine ‘thank you’. She looked at me for a good few seconds even when the people were coming up to her for photos. It was amazing.

Chloe was super sweet too and Christi handed the book to her as I left. Chloe had it in her lap for the next photos with fans, even though all the stuff they were given previously they had been putting on the table. Most of that was bigger stuff, though. Anyway, it was awesome and well worth the work and my nerves on the day.

Please don’t post the drawings elsewhere without credit and a link back to my Tumblr.

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