Rookie Blue 5x08 thoughts:

- Cute opening with Sam/Andy. I love how Andy is so dramatic and Sam doesn’t tell her she is overreacting or anything. He knows she needs to rant.

- Sam’s ‘mhm’. And calling her ‘dear’. The joking condescension is so cute.

- The way Missy delivered the ‘you get me through the night’ was so good. Just matter of fact.

- Sam’s expression made me melt. He is genuinely touched. And the little head movement.

- Crazy eyes before he kisses her. Haha.

- I like her jacket. I want it.

- Chris, umm Dave, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

- Cranky Oliver is no fun.

- Nice to see Gail and Andy working together. Magical girl guide sash. Great line.

- Andy is so appalled by the ridiculous call about the ‘hostile cat’. So funny.

- I like that they stick to Andy’s characterisation. The fact that she wants to play by the rules and do the right thing.

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6 notes  26 / 7

Now that I am up to date on my RB thoughts posts, I can do one for this weeks. I loved it, but I am not quite bouncing off the walls like I thought I would be. I don’t know if it’s all the Zach/Missy stuff that is affecting me, or if the awesomeness hasn’t sunk in yet. I only watched it a couple of hours ago. Anyways…

Rookie Blue 5x06 thoughts:

+ Andy, why didn’t you get Sam a muffin too? That’s okay, you can share it.

+ I love how the random other cops are always stuck in the back during parade.

+ Gail, I love you. Making an online dating profile for Nick? Brilliant. Taking a profile pic while he’s driving? Even more brilliant.

+ Chloe, I just have zero interest in you.

+ Andy, you are so cute ‘road trip, yay.’

+ Sam, you did a lousy job of acting normal. Andy is totally gonna know something is up.

+ Um, Steve, don’t you have any work to do? Why do you have time to pick up Dex?

+ So Dex has met Steve and knows he and Traci are a couple?

+ Sam putting on the radio. Andy knows something’s up.

+ The way Andy found out what was up with Sam / found out about his dad was a little contrived. But I’ll let it slide. Hard thing to write. At least the prison guard mentioned another person they had yet to speak to. It made it a little more authentic.

+ Sam and Andy’s fight was really believable and well acted (that goes without saying but I am saying it anyway).

+ Sam’s comment about Andy not telling him ‘those stories.’ She was so firm and hurt in her response that she’d told him everything. Does that mean that those stories don’t exist? Or that she has let him know about her childhood, but just not detailed stories like that, figuring he can fill in the blanks cause it’s pretty obvious? I mean, she must have stories like that right? Do share your thoughts! My ask box is always open!

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12 notes  25 / 6

Better late than never, right? Finally wrote out my thoughts on last week’s RB. Will post my thoughts on this week’s episode shortly.

Rookie Blue 5x05 thoughts:

+ Not sure I approve of the writers repeating Andy’s ‘ever wish you were normal’ line with Chris.

+ Chloe telling Dov ‘maybe you should talk to him (Chris)’. Wow, best advice ever.

+ Chris, if you are gonna buy drugs, make sure you have the money to pay for them. I have never bought or used drugs in my life and even I know that. Duh. Drug dealers are not dudes you want to piss off.

+ Nick, why do you always have to have your arms folded? Your biceps are large, we get it.

+ Oliver is so supportive of his rookies. Love.

+ Love the Sam/Andy interaction.

+ Love how Sam knows Andy is totally not okay about Duncan.

+ Nick’s flirting made me laugh and cringe at the same time. AWFUL.

+ Ugh, Traci and Steve. I just don’t care.

+ Love Sam bringing his head close to Andy’s when she’s on the computer.

+ And Sam turns back to look at her when she is back at his desk.

+ Also, love how he whispers ‘okay.’

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