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+ 5x19: Spoils of War

It was really bad.

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Daniela Ruah attends Oakley ‘Disruptive by Design’
Launch Event, Feb 24 2014

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Dani’s comment is just too sweet for words

"Before parenthood…Aaaw"

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I was DEVASTATED by last week’s NCIS: Los Angeles last week. Way too soon for Deeks/Kensi to sleep together and pretty OOC, especially for Kensi. But, I have to say, this week’s episode left me feeling better about it. Still not happy, but better. At least they made it clear that it WAS indeed  too soon, which was my point in the first place. They still have work to do and should move slowly. Which is - again - what I thought at the end of last week. If it’d been all instant happiness, then I would likely have been done.

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