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Aight so remember that fight Will and JJ had back a few seasons in “Theres no place like home”? (I think thats the one) and he was like, the pentagon was so much better for you, regular hours yadda yadda.

Yeah? That pentagon? Pentagon looks a little sandy and explosive and Middle Easty huh? Like not in America regular hours?

THIS. I totally thought the same thing. It makes no sense.

Yeah, or in 7x01 when Emily mentioned that Will must not be impressed with the BAU’s long hours again - you’d think they’d be an improvement over weeks in Afghanistan.

THIS TOO. Totally. Plus, I don’t think Will would have liked her being in Afghanistan in the first place. Not that he can or should control her, but I hardly think he’d have been thrilled about it. Nor would she, I don’t think, being away from Will and Henry for weeks on end. I don’t even know if we are meant to think that Will knew she was in Afghanistan, or if we are meant to think he didn’t. Sidenote, I love the tags and I feel exactly the same.

I wish we knew how long she was over there at at time, because they did say that she was splitting time there. So is that like, a few days here and there or a few weeks here and there?

I too wish we knew. They didn’t exactly make it clear. Probably because they don’t know. I got the impression that she was away for about a week or so at a time. Just because it doesn’t seem likely that she’d just be gone for a day or two at a time, yet I doubt she’d tolerate being away from Henry for much longer than that. I bet that the writers didn’t want anyone to analyse the retconning this closely.

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